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In mid-February, the ReloCare team, affiliated PhD supervisors, selected advisors and other topic experts came together in Amsterdam for a workshop with the intention of sharing ‘works-in-progress’. This format allowed us to look at and talk through think-pieces, drafts, fieldnotes and pictures from the field in great detail. Aside from analysing different facets of care relocation within Europe, we also got to learn more about Czech care workers form Dr. Petra Ezzeddine, Zeeland’s villages from Dr. Vincent de Rooij, about mining towns in eastern Germany from Dr. Milena Veenis, as well as about private Prussian memorabilia collections in Russia from Dr. Olga Sezneva. We are very happy to say that the discussions alongside a more informal walk-talk provided all participants with a lot of food for thought. We would like to thank everyone who attended for their time, dedication and input!

ReloCare Work in Progress Workshop